Test report of Fireproof aluminium plastic composite panel

Test report of Decorative aluminium plastic composite panel

Test report of curtain wall Aluminium Plastic Sheet 

The aluminum-plastic panel products produced by Travincy carry out strict production process and internal control quality management standards. From the initial stage of production to the delivery of the product, it is carried out in accordance with relevant national standards. Before large-scale production, our company will carry out trial production of some products. After passing the final test of the product, we will carry out the production of large-scale goods. In addition, in the production of large quantities of products, we strictly follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure quality.

1. Raw material testing

First, Travincy conducts pre-entry inspection on raw materials provided by qualified suppliers to ensure that the quality of raw materials meets internal control standards. Secondly, after the raw materials have passed the material adaptation stage, the raw materials are tested again. To ensure that raw materials still meet production standards after the external environment changes.

2. Production process check

Testing after forming line, testing the formed aluminum coil to ensure smooth appearance, no oil, no impurities, no burrs.

Inspection after coating line, laser scanning inspection and paint thickness and color inspection on the surface of the aluminum coil to ensure that the paint thickness and color meet the requirements and standards. Processing standards. Prepare for the next compound process

3. Final production check

Appearance Check. First, ensuring that the viscosity of the film on the surface of the product meets the requirements. Secondly, the thickness and size of the product can meet customer requirements.

Complexity detection. Ensure that the product is compact and compact, without bulging and cracking.

4. Finished product check

The finished product is tested by sampling, and 3% of the final products are sampled. Testing of physical properties such as product appearance quality, dimensional deviation, thickness, gloss, and coatings' chemical resistance such as stain resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and solvent resistance according to national standards. The products in this batch are qualified.

5. Customer Witness Inspection

Before shipment of large quantities of goods, customers can perform in-factory inspections and third-party laboratory tests if required.