About Travincy®
About Travincy®
About Travincy®

Travincy New Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of aluminum-plastic panel, dedicating to the apply the building materials-- aluminum plastic panel of highest qualityto the construction of various countries in the world. In the meantime,we as well provide customers with competitive, high quality and reliable products, solutions and services in Exterior wall decoration, advertising industry, industrial materials and other related fields. Travincy insists on continuous innovation around the needs of customers, providing customers with customized aluminum-plastic panel products that continue to creat value to the customer. Travincy-Cai Keli was established in 2012 with a registered capital of 10 million RMB. It currently has about 100 employees and operates in many provinces and cities in China as well as countries abroad.

What could we bring to you?

High quality and reliable products

The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification and has been tested by the National Building Materials Testing Center. All indicators have reached high quality product standards. The high-grade aluminum-plastic panel of Travincy is made from advanced production equipment and high-quality raw materials to ensure the quality of aluminum-plastic composite products from the source. Through close and meticulous production process, each aluminum-plastic panel can meet international advanced standards. At the same time, Travincy is capable to manufacture a variety of types of aluminum composite panel according to the customers' needs.

Create value for the customer

Travincy and its partners have established 100 sales points in several cities in China, forming a systematic sales network and channels. Travincy work with partners to provide the best building materials solutions for government and public utilities, energy, manufacturing and other corporate customers.

Promote the sound development of the industry

Travincy advocates openness, cooperation and mutual benefit, cooperating with customer and partner to innovate, expand industrial value, and form a healthy and benign industrial ecosystem. Through the continuous technological innovation over the years, we provide high-quality products for the advertising industry, interior and exterior wall decoration and industrial materials, promoting the sound development of the building materials industry.

Meticulous care

For the customer:Twenty West provides meticulous pre-sales and after-sales service. The 24-hour online service can solve the relevant problems for the customer in the first time. Each customer's products will be saved with professional files before delivery.

For the employee:

Travincy adheres to the "Connecting peolpe" philosophy, evaluates employees and selects cadres with responsibility contribution and provides employees with a platform for global development, and dialogue with the world so that employees can achieve reasonable returns and life experience through personal efforts.

Highly efficient delivery

Travincy has the most advanced production equipment in China, and its production processes are imported abroad. We guarantee every quality product delivery through a professional production process. Four professional automatic production lines guarantee the urgent delivery of the partners, and the delivery of each 500 sheets can be completed within 5 days.